Here We Are

This top secret project has finally been announced and we’ll be able to see it in April. I helped out with boarding last autumn.

Here copy

Fingers Crossed

Here’s hoping that ‘Missing Link’ gets viewed a bit more now that it has an Oscar nomination. I shall upload a sequence soon …


Old Animation

Digging around in a box of old DVDs, I found this Felix ad directed by Alyson H that I animated at Passion Pictures 10 or 15 years ago.

Watch it here  

With the password FelixAd



It’s always gratifying to find that somebody ‘Likes’ my work, but it is especially heartwarming, when on following the link, I find that I am the only one they like!!

Here are two such finds…

Mr Bean

Two years ago I did a few storyboards for the most recent season of the animated Mr. Bean. Tiger Aspect has posted 2 clips from them on youtube. A split screen comparison of board to finished sequence presentation.

One could find them here and here , if One was at all interested of course.


Yesterday’s News…

… is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. Or, in this case, yesterday’s life drawings are tomorrow’s mouse nest. I finally got around to clearing up (shoveling out) the garage, and in so doing discovered Mrs. Mouse’s industry…









What I’ve Been Doing

I have, for most of the past year and a half, been storyboarding on top secret projects in development for two major studios. Problem is not only that I can’t show anything, I can’t talk about it either.

But back around Christmas I animated on a TSB job for StudioAKA .  You can see it all here on their website –  I did the scenes up to the transition where the girl stands up.




Here, here!

Included in the 310 new political slogans that were issued in North Korea last month was this very sensible one …

” Kindle the flames of a fresh revolution in cinema,

   starting from the production of animations ! “

Spoiler Alert

Here are a couple (culled from the many) of early crosswords that I put together before settling on ‘GODFORSAKEN’ as the final solution. Continue reading